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Let’s Go For A Little Jet Ride


And when we say “little”, we mean “little”.

Pop Media

The “Deep State” and Why Trump May Be The Least of Your Worries


Michael Lofgren’s “Deep State” explains the mechanics of the real power in DC, and does so with surprisingly un-cynical wit.


Generation Jones Got Punk’d: Punk Rock Is A Consumer Construct


Boomers and Gen X-ers bought the branding, but the punk we all know isn’t very punk (part one of a series).


Best of the Obama Biden White House Transition Meme


Diamond Joe is making sure The Donald gets the welcome he deserves.

Lifestyle & Culture

Cycling Gear Or Sex Toys?

Chain Cleaner

Nobody said they’re mutually exclusive.


Dickensian Labor Day Celebration Ideas

This image by Udo Keppler was probably the inspiration for Matt Taibbi's great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity

Labor day is a lot more fun if you’re a billionaire robber baron.

Internet Life

Eternal September Of The Internet Part III: Why We Need To Re-Decentralize The Web

Openness and Accessibility

Like Yeats said: Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.


The End Of Caturday


Purr-haps you’d pre-fur we just paws briefly, but we can’t see moving furward.

Social Media

Black Woman Paints Herself White To Make A Point (Full Original)


Offensive? Inspired? Opportunistic? Sad? We’ll leave that up to you.