Black Teacher Arrested for Writing Science Fiction?



Image Source: The publishers Facebook Page


If bad writing is a crime, I probably deserve multiple consecutive life sentences. But it’s still unclear what the crime was when the Dorchester, Maryland County Sheriff took schoolteacher Patrick McLaw to an undisclosed location, raided his home, and did a K-9 sweep of the school where he taught. Apparently McLaw’s book The Insurrectionist– which focuses on a massive high school shooting in the year 2902 – is at the crux of the matter.

According to this Atlantic piece and other sources, McLaw was also given an “emergency medical evaluation”. Until more information surfaces to suggest something to the contrary, one can’t help suspect that if McLaw were a fat white guy in Dockers with a beard, this would have all played out quite differently. Never mind the fact that most people who have bought the book to show support for him have have claimed his greatest crime was his writing, we personally think his choice to price a Kindle edition by an unknown author at $14.95 is his biggest crime.

But don’t let that stop YOU from buying his books. He may need money for lawyers or bail, who knows.


The Insurrectionist


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