Six Quick Candidate-Themed Christmas Gift Ideas

The holidays can be a time of shopping-induced stress fatigue, family drama, and excessive alcohol consumption. Why not throw some politics into the mix? Liven up any holiday party with these political “message” gifts.

Extra Large Donald Trump Pinata
Donald Trump Pinata

What could be more gratifying than having your own Donald Trump figure to bat around with a ball bat? Well, the real one, I guess. Or one that showers candy on you when you do, like this Donald Trump Pinata

The Hillary Nutcracker
Hillary Nutcracker

Whether you agree with guests’ politics at your holiday parties or not, crush their nuts Hillary-style with this Hillary Clinton Nutcracker. Be sure to see the companion kitchen accessory further below.

Inktastic Vote Cruz 2016 Baby Bib
Ted Cruz Bib

Tired of grandpa drooling in his diapers in the corner ranting about the constitution and how great Ted Cruz is while you try to eat? Hand him another PBR to shut him up and let this bib do the rest. If he still won’t shut up, slap this Cruz bumper sticker over his mouth.

Bernie’s Magical Panties

Spouse no longer falling for the old “not tonight honey, I have a headache” line? Bernie Sanders’ likeness should put the kibosh on any frisky forays your significant other had in mind, especially combined with the weird implication of “feeling the bern”.

What? “Feel the Bern” Condoms?
Feel the Bern Buttons

Likewise, the variety of mental images evoked by these Bernie Sanders “Feel the Bern” condoms should put the brakes on any ideas of…oh. Wait. They’re just campaign buttons. Phew!

Corkscrew Bill
Corkscrew Bill

If there’s a cork in it, Bill will gladly help you pull it out. Having spent most of his career screwing things and unscrewing things, he’s guaranteed to get the job done. We know, he’s not a candidate, but if Hillary is elected, he WILL be the first First Ladies Man.

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