Star Wars Force Awakens: Needs More Lens Flare

Star Wars Force Awakens Lens Flare

Like many of us, I was pretty pleased with JJ Abram’s handling of the new era in the Star Wars saga. It seemed like a good call to kill off  ███████ , and I was actually relieved that  ███████ had only a brief, non-speaking part. The rest was handled in generally the way one would hope in an obligatory “passing of the torch” episode in the series. But one thing disturbed me a little. If this film was in fact directed by JJ Abrams, WHERE WAS ALL THE LENS FLARE????

Chris Walken Needs more lens flare

If you don’t follow film closely enough to know what we’re talking about, or somehow saw the last two Star Trek films without noticing Abram’s pervasive use of the visual effect, he explains why he did it here, and apologizes for it here. Below is a clip featuring all of the flares in Star Trek: Into Darkness. There were over 800. Further below, we’ll explain what you can do to remedy this startling lack of lens flare in Star Wars Force Awakens.

So What Can You Do?

Well, you could watch “The Force Awakens Teaser – Crazy Lens Flare Edition” below, over and over. But that would get tedious. You could also search Yahoo for “star wars force awakens torrent”, download a crappy copy of the movie, and run it through After Effects. But that would be both incredibly time consuming, and illegal. Read on for simpler solutions

Two Solutions:

One would be to ingest whatever mind-altering substance is legal where you live, put on a pair of GloFX Ultimate Diffraction Glasses, and head back to the theater for another viewing.


Another, even simpler method would be to get tickets for the 3D version, and scratch your lenses slightly:

Not sure if JJ Abrams lens flare or...

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