The Tumbleweed Apocalypse


A tumbleweed behaving like a tumbleweed should. Don’t be fooled.

Tumbleweeds used to be a reliable symbol of desolation, especially in film. Throw on some Ennio Morricone, blow a tumbleweed through the frame, and VOILA!, you could almost smell Clint Eastwood’s cigar wafting into the scene. Not anymore. Apparently tumbleweeds are out to take over the world.

It starts out innocently enough, as they quietly take over a highway:

But later, a different kind of fury is unleased as they race across the plains:

Soon, their rage stirs into a spiraling maelstrom rising hundreds of feet:

Until their searing rage is unleashed in a hellish whirlwind of fire, scorching the Earth:

The dystopian tumbleweed future that awaits us all...

The dystopian tumbleweed future that awaits us all…

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