Going Viral Can Be A Pressing Matter

Barbie is feeling the pressure. Watch below to find out what happens.

Barbie is feeling the pressure. Watch below to find out what happens.

We don’t know if it’s a reflection of people’s bottled up angst, or if it’s somehow just intrinsically interesting to watch things get crushed on a hydraulic press, but the fellow behind Hydraulic Press Channel is racking up the views. Last night, when his Can you fold paper more than 7 times with hydraulic press video (watch it below) was shared on this Reddit thread, the videos on his six-month-old channel all had around 1,000-2,000 views. Today, none of them have less than 50,000, except the Will It Crush/Will It Blend video posted today, which already has over 15,000 views. Be on the lookout for this to be the next big thing; on another Reddit thread they actually christened some other guy’s planned new crushing stuff on a hydraulic press channel.

Can You Fold Paper More Than 7 Times With Hydraulic Press?

The one that started it all…

Crushing Barbie

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