Izzy Bizu’s “A Moment of Madness” Is Our Favorite Album Of 2016

Izzy Bizu Give Me Love

Every so often a gifted new female singer pops up on the scene and somehow manages to escape the overproduction and overpackaging the industry is so prone to. So far, that seems to be the case with the amazing Izzy Bizu. While in possession of some gifted pipes, her delivery is still inflected with a freshness bordering on naivete, but what would you expect? She’s young enough that she counts amongst her influences artists like Amy Winehouse and Adele! Don’t let that mislead you though, she has depth, and you’ll pick up on some Ella Fitzgerald and Bettye Swann too. But enough commentary – the tunes speak much better for themselves. Watch for the album in July, videos below.

White Tiger

We’ll have this on endless repeat in our convertible this summer. On our trip to Morocco. Get it now.

Mad Behaviour

Bizu dazzles with some quietly pyrotechnic, almost yodel-like octave leaps. Get it now.

Give Me Love

A little Amy Winehouse sneaks in. Get it now.


Some straight up neo-soul. Get it now.

Adam & Eve

Solid old-school strings and horn splashes over an R&B groove. Perfectly laced with some Izzy Bizu. Get it now.

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