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When we did our last site overhaul, sorting out the features, functions, and content of our online shop took a little longer than expected, so we’re at it again. While we add our new “pay to play” comment/membership system, posts may be a little scarce. So why not do a little shopping in the meantime? We have some awesome music and film selections, and we really put the “WT” in “WTF” with our Weird & WTF department(NSFW). There are also some unique Tech Doodads, and lots of peculiar toys and games to peruse. In fact, finding something that suits you in our shop is limited only by how weird you really are.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Money Mouth

How much are your two cents worth?

We’ve explained our feelings about social media and comment sections here, so one of the things we’ll be doing is setting up a “pay to play” comment system. If you’ve ever had to moderate the comment section of a busy website, you’ll find this idea as hilarious as we do. Got something to say? How much will you pay to say it? We don’t expect a river of cash to pour in from this, but we’re doing everything we can to avoid selling ad space and using annoying pop-ups to beg for likes and subscribers. So thank us. You’re welcome!

So What Can I Do For Entertainment In The Meantime???

Everything you need to make a meme. In a meme!

Everything you need to make a meme. In a meme!

If you’re worried that your life will spiral into an existential abyss from the lack of brilliantly crafted Innoculous.com meme content, we have two solutions. First of all, create your own! The image above contains everything you need to know to get started. You might also find inspiration in our February piece Content Theft Explained – With Cows. The second approach requires a lot less effort. You could also dig back through the archives. You can find the latest posts by section here , or view all the posts this year by date here.

Or You Could Shop

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