Another Humdrum Hump Day? Try Workout Wednesday With Zach Anner

Be sure to check out Zach's book If at Birth You Don’t Succeed

Be sure to check out Zach’s book If at Birth You Don’t Succeed

Ever heard of Zach Anner? No? WHAT ARE YOU? INTERNET DEAF? Apparently so, that’s why those last two questions were all in caps. So let’s just FTFY. Rather than prattling on about what a great guy he is, accomplishing more every day than we do all week in spite of the rather significant obstacle of being born with cerebral palsy, we’ll just share a couple of videos and links to get you started. They say Zach is like Peter Sellers, if you ask ten people about him, they’ll describe ten different people. Okay, no-one said that. But Zach has been a busy fellow the last few years, and you’re bound to find your own Zach, whether it’s the Work Out Wednesday Zach  , the Riding Shotgun  Zach , or the Have a Little Faith Zach . But we guarantee one thing: whichever Zach you find, it will be a hilarious and inspiring one.

Bouncing Back! – Workout Wednesday #16

There are a bunch of popular Work Out Wednesday clips, but this is a recent personal fave of ours. Enjoy a little bouncy bouncy with Zach.

More videos below, but Zach also has a book out:


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Announcing: Riding Shotgun!!!

Reddit helps Zach launch a special show. Worth a watch if only to see Zach’s Bill O’Reilly “WE’LL DO IT LIVE!” impression at about three minutes.

Lo Lo Lo Lo Lohan

You know you’ve arrived when Schmoyoho remixes you.

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