More Afrobeats For Your Summer Playlist: Nigeria

Bracket Panya

In our first roundup of Afrobeats to punch up your summer playlist, we focused mostly on acts from Ghana. This time we’re featuring some artists from Nigeria. Lately, I’ve been finding a lot of this material by immersing my ears in sources like TooExclusive’s MixTapes from All Over Africa. But this time, I ran across two of these three acts in a much more roundabout way. You see, I live directly above a liquor store. One of the side effects of living above a liquor store is that at least once an evening, a boomcar is going to pull up, and the driver will leave their jams playing for the entire duration of their visit to the store. This has had a few interesting side effects. One is that I’ve been developing an EMP device that disables car stereo systems from up to fifty feet away. I have a lot more research to do, but soon after I file the patent and start production, I suspect I’ll be quite wealthy. Another recent side effect was more positive. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t ALWAYS hate the music being played, and in this recent instance, I actually really liked it! Thank God for Shazam, or I would had to walk down to the store in my jammies and bedhead, and ask the driver what they were listening to. The two tunes I was digging were Hookah by Danagog and Feeling The Nigga by D’banj. These were a great start; soon I was YouTubing my way down a river of new Nigerian jams. Clips further below.

Hot Tip: Listen, Don’t Look

I have to be honest, if my first exposure to these tunes was watching the videos, I suspect I’d like them about 30% less. They’re almost all full of cliched “smoove dudes” and chicks with big booties shaking them in slow-mo. But the grooves themselves are awesome, and they will in fact probably make you shake your big booty.

D’banj – Feeling The Nigga

Hookah – Danagog

Bracket – Panya ft. Tekno

Sanko – Timaya


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