Virtual Frisbee Proves Importance of VR

VR Frisbee

Look, we know virtual reality has an important place in our shared future; this was evident when Japan’s first-ever VR Porn Festival was cancelled due to overcrowding. But it turns out there are other important practical applications of VR, like virtual frisbee (more below).

This man apparently didn't get the memo, and enjoyed the festival all by himself.

This man apparently didn’t get the memo, and enjoyed the festival all by himself.

If you’ve been of the opinion that VR headgear was a frivolous tech toy with no practical application, you obviously haven’t played VR Frisbee. Actually, very few people have, because it’s still in development by CCP Games, the developers of games like EVE Online. The system currently utilizes either the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive  platforms. There’s no release date set; the demo below is obviously green-screened together using one live player…

…while this demo shows the game in action with two players, demonstrating that not only will the players see the action in their headsets, but other views can be generated for spectators:

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