Wikiphilia Mental Health Alert: Wikipedia’s “Unusual Articles”

Flash photo of an Odd-Eyed Cat

Flash photo of an Odd-Eyed Cat

Have you ever found yourself losing a couple of hours of your life perusing the “related products” on the bottom of Amazon pages? Or spending hours clicking the “See also” links on Wikipedia? We’ve created words for both of these things. We call getting lost on Amazon Rabbit Wholing , and you can do it right here in our store! Our term for the Wikipedia version is Wikiphilia, and if you’ve never succumbed to this paralyzing disorder, we’re here to help! (continued below)


Yup. Human/animal Breastfeeding.It’s a thing

No longer must you attempt to do serious research on Wikipedia to find yourself in these topical wastelands, because the editors have done you a solid by creating the Unusual Articles page. Where else can you learn about things like The Great Stink of 1858, or the Dancing Plague of 1518? Was it a coincidence that they were EXACTLY sixty years apart? We don’t know, you’ll have to research that on your own. You know that color you sort of see when all the lights are off? Who knew there was a word for it? Ever experienced Penis Panic? If so, maybe it was caused by the mysterious Bobbitt Worm, which might dwell in your aquarium without you even knowing it. Speaking of aquatic terrors, if you’re ever in Fisherville, KY, and want to live to tell about it, make sure to keep an eye out for the Pope Lick Monster.

Who was the only American citizen officially listed as missing despite his whereabouts being known? He has a name, but his identity is less clear. We could go on listing fascinating topics like this all day and providing links to them, but that seems a poor business model, creating a site where all we do is send you away to look at other things. Hey! You still there? We’re not worried. The only cure for this condition is more of the same. See you tomorrow.

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