What Will Bill Clinton Be Called If Hillary Clinton Is Elected President?

First Ladyman Gowns

The other day I was talking with a friend and asked her a question that’s , which was “If Hillary Clinton gets elected, what are we going to call Bill? First Man? First Gentleman?”, to which she replied “I imagine a lot of people will still call him ‘that slippery bastard’, just like they always have”. After some joking around, I personally settled on “First Ladyman”. It seems to suit his high-pitched, always-about-to-crack speech patterns and delicate lady hands. The conversation then rolled around to another obvious question that comes up when discussing gender and politics, which is “Will everyone fuss as much about what Bill wears to the Inaugural Ball, the way they always do with First Ladies?” I decided that the answer to that question would be a resounding “YES!”, so here’s our quick look at some gown options for our potential new First Ladyman.

The Blewinsky


LadyBill Johnson


The Oligarch

This might take some getting used to…


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