Best Things To Eat & Text While Driving

Jason Torchinsky of Jalopnik has solved the problem, at least conceptually.

Jason Torchinsky of Jalopnik has solved the problem, at least conceptually.

I have a running joke with my girlfriend. Every Friday, she calls while she’s on the road to touch base. Friday is a hectic day for her. After we exchange a few sweet nothings, I’ll say “so what are you wearing today?”, to which she’ll reply with something like “falafel and hummus” or “mocha latte”, because seemingly without fail, Friday is her day to try to eat while driving, and fail. So what IS the best thing to eat while driving? Well, according to the 1500 drivers surveyed by a few years ago, this is the breakdown:


Of course, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s safety tips for Commercial Motor Vehicle operators puts “Avoid Eating and Drinking When Driving” at number six on their list. But you’re just a regular old driver, right? So grab a candy bar and some fries and be on your way. Hope you’re driving to the gym though.

What To Text

There are millions of things you could text while driving, but probably the best thing to text would be “I love you all”, and send it to your entire contact list. The video below will help make clear why:

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