Labor Day? PUH. We’re taking a Labor WEEK

These stock photo people are explaining that if you shopped more on our site, it would stay on line.

These stock photo people are explaining that if you shopped more on our site, it would stay on line.

We’re taking a little break to rethink our business model. Operating an ad-free site that relies on visitors doing some shopping on occasion hasn’t proven to be as wealth-creating as we hoped, so we’re taking a little break through Labor Day (which we touched on recently), when we’ll return with popups, popunders, and annoying exit nag screens to see if we can’t find better ways to pay the hosting bills. We jest of course; if we can’t keep the site profitable without a) resorting to vapid viral linkbait b) tons of ads, and c) generally selling our soul, we’ll just find something better to do.

In the meantime, let us help you catch up on what you might have missed recently. You can also just browse posts by date, or by category. Or dive right into the terror of our shop with no article content to guide you. Have a great holiday week!

Lifestyle Ideas

And products to make them realities!

 girl-bugging-out2 Sick of Your Life? Maybe It’s Time To Bug Out!
Building a smart bugout bag seems easy enough, but where the hell do you plug in your damn blow dryer?
 Knock Knock Memos The Power Of The Checkbox
Use these handy memo pads to quickly reduce all your office chatter to the level of a Facebook “Like”.

Music You May Not Have Heard

We try to dig even deeper than sites like Pitchfork.

 Bracket Panya Punch Up Your Summer Playlist: Afropolitan Pop & Hip Hop
Never Ghana Give You Up, Never Ghana Let You Down. Kenya Dig It?
This dude from Guru's Akayida is my new hero. More Afrobeats For Your Summer Playlist: Nigeria
Probably the best way to watch the videos for these awesome Afrobeat music videos is to not actually watch the video.
 yeye-feat-720 YeYe: Surprisingly Palatable Alt-Folk Hipster J-Pop
Did we really just put all those words next to each other?
 tei-shi-720 The Subtle Soaring Vocal Stylings Of Tei Shi
You may not have heard of Argentine songstress Tei Shi, but she probably won’t stay a secret for long…

Tech Doodads

Mostly cameras lately, it seems…

 llomoinstant-marrakesh-720 Does Shooting Nudes With This Thing Make Me A Lomosexual?
My very tentative excursion into Lomography.
 lytro-illum-720 The Lytro Illum: The Coolest Camera I Almost Bought Today But Didn’t But don’t let that stop YOU, it’s an amazing device, for an amazing price.

Holiday Shopping

It’s not just for Christmas any more!

Putting It All Together Fourth of July Fashion: Get Your ‘Murica On!
Nothing says “America, Fuck Yeah” quite like a hat that says “America, Fuck Yeah”. Except maybe some stars and stripes thongs.
 Park Avenue Mini Guillotine Bastille Day Gift Ideas
The guillotine may seem brutal, but it beats getting your limbs broken while spinning around on a wooden wheel in the central square.

Throwback Thursdays

We do our best to put an interesting spin on a tired trope.

 Keep the Fire Kenny Loggins TBT: The 80’s You Remember Never Existed
When you think “80’s Music” you probably think Tears For Fears, Depeche Mode, New Order, or the Pixies. Think again.
 jarts-720 TBT: Toys We Only WISH We’d Had As Kids
Today’s kids are a feral horde of whining ingrates.

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