Predator: Who Is The Creepy Man In These Photos?


It’s the original – though often accidental – photobomb. It still happens in amateur photos all the time, but somehow in vintage photos it lends a more sinister effect, especially if the photographer wore a hat, as men often did until the 1970’s when they fell out of fashion. Collector Jean-Marie Donat capitalized on this pervasive theme by collecting thousands of photos for his book PREDATOR. It’s a limited edition of 500 copies; as of this writing there were still 196 available, for a price of €66.00 (about 73USD). There’s a good chance you’ve seen the images of Nazis hugging a huge teddy bear from one of the publisher’s other books TEDDYBÄR on social media. All three titles by INNOCENCES are limited editions, and are all produced working with artisanal printers in Italy, Switzerland, and Germany. Get PREDATOR here, or check out this interview on Vice with Donat to learn more about the rationale behind the collections.

PREDATOR Jean-Marie Donat

PREDATOR Jean-Marie Donat

PREDATOR Jean-Marie Donat

PREDATOR Jean-Marie Donat


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