“Demolition” Has A Smashingly Good Soundtrack


There’s a reason I may be a little partial to the new film Demolition, starring Jake Gyllenhaal. At the age of 18, I had just lost a high-paying, high-pressure corporate job. And probably my mind. Shortly after this happened, my girlfriend’s mom asked if I could help tear down some buildings on a piece of property she had just acquired. If someone ever asks you to demolish entire buildings with nothing but sledgehammers, ropes, and a tractor, go for it. The catharsis is indescribable. So perhaps the only reason I thought Demolition was so exceptional was that I was merely reliving this experience vicariously through the Gyllenhaal’s character. But I doubt it.

Aside from the core cast turning in unquestionably solid performances,  director Jean-Marc Vallée takes Bryan Sipe’s screenplay and teases the critically-minded filmgoer with the impression that he’s falling back on cliches, only to make it clear as the story moves forward that doing so was a bit of a sleight-of-hand. There was probably no other way to deliver a story like this than by toying with highbrow viewers’ expectations. The film probably won’t have much mainstream appeal, but that’s okay – FEWER HEADS IN MY WAY when I go see it again this week!

Perhaps one of the best performances related to the film was that of Susan Jacobs, the music supervisor. Who knows if she’ll get Oscar recognition for the songs she masterfully assembled, but we’d like to nominate her for a Nobel Prize. The soundtrack was that good.

And it’s all available, either as separate tracks or packaged together:

It seemed fitting to footnote things with the best credit-roll song ever, Warmest Regards, by Half Moon Run:

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