The RaXIX Prime – A Closer, Closer, Closer, Closer Shave


Necessity, as they say, is the mother of invention, and it was necessity that inspired us to design the RaXIX Prime. One morning, our founder was shaving with a standard twin-blade disposable razor, and as seems to be the case about every three months, nicked himself. As he repeatedly blotted the tiny but incessant geyser of blood on his face with tissue, wondering if he were in fact a hemophiliac, he asked himself: “Surely there must be a way I can nick myself NINETEEN TIMES at once, mustn’t there?” Eureka! The RaXIX Prime was born. Featuring nineteen blades (because twenty would just be ridiculous) it’s called the RaXIX Prime because a) We thought it would be interesting to see if anyone pronounces the first “x” like a “z” as we intended, and b) nineteen is a prime number of blades. Literally. Because, you know, nineteen is a prime number.

Not ready for “prime time”? Here are some razors for the novice, with a mere four to seven blades.


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