Uncanny Valley – A Short Film By 3dar

Some Concept Art for 3dar's "Uncanny Valley"

Some Concept Art for 3dar’s “Uncanny Valley”

Given people’s willingness to immerse themselves in simple mobile devices and video games the way they do already, who knows what social effects the even more immersive experience of virtual reality devices like Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear will bring. Especially if combined with the evolution of robotics and remote-control military conflict. Award-winning digital media studio 3dar tackles the question in the short “Uncanny Valley”, and things take a disturbing and unexpected twist:

Shave It

3Dar first gained broad attention for “Shave It”, an entirely different sort of animated short. A monkey living in a forest being ravaged by bulldozers finds an electric shaver, and heads to the city to start a new career. A lively and entertaining short which probably gets much of its life from the amazing “retro future mambo” soundtrack work of French composer Cyrille Marchesseau.

Learn More About 3dar & Uncanny Valley

Here’s the “behind the scenes” for Uncanny Valley; visit their site here.

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