Facebook Feed Getting You Down? We’re Here To Help

Tired of the endless stream of human tragedy, political news, and GoFundMe pleas on your social feeds? Cute cat videos just not cutting it any more? Here are a few videos that might make you smile. Interestingly, three of them are ads or PSA’s. Wouldn’t it be cool if filmmakers put as much effort into making their films this emotionally evocative?


Let’s ease in with a quickie. “Hello” is a phone-free driving PSA from NZTransportAgency

Nørregade: Goth (Language Maybe NSFW)

Even goths have to smile ONCE in awhile, right?

If You Give A Little Love…

This clip brilliantly cuts the Noah and the Whale song Give a Little Love to two old Liberty Mutual ads which had much less effective music (Pay It Forward and Do the Right Thing). Ultimately though, who cares? This is probably the coolest “invest in the kindness economy” video ever made 😉

Learn to Fly – Rockin 1000

I don’t even care all that much for Foo Fighters, but this video gave me happy tears and put the song in my head for the day. Read the full story of why a thousand people in Italy spent a year practicing the song for this performance here.

My Dad Is A Liar

That’s not the original name of this commercial from MetLife Hong Hong. But it works better than the original “My Dad’s Story: Dream for my Child”, don’t you think? Whatever. Shut up and watch the dang video. Then get happy weepy.

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