Color Me A Terrorist

Cruz to the Future

If you’re raising your kids to be good little Tea Party Toddlers like any God-fearing, gun-toting, patriotic American should, you’ll be pleased to know that the fine folks who brought you the Ted Cruz to the Future Coloring Activity Book have updated their previous best-selling editions of We Shall Never Forget 911 and We Shall Never Forget 911 – Vol. II: The True Faces of Evil with supplemental pages containing a “Terror Update on Global Jihad” that covers ISIS and other issues. Which means of course now your little ones can color their own modern day crucifixion!

The updated volume rightfully asks your child “What are you going to do when they come for you?”

But look further below for a shocking twist from this publisher.


Color your own crucifixion


Beware, my red white and true friends, there may be hypocritical sinners afoot. These are the same people who produce Being Gay Is Okay. Which frankly, maybe they should have called “Cruise to the Future” for branding consistency. This slap to your Tea Party face includes a gay marriage certificate, a coming out letter, and “fabulous gay sharing cards”.


Being Gay is Okay!

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