Psy’s New Song DADDY Might Out-Gangnam Gangnam Style

It would be hard to believe that you had not heard or seen K-Pop God Psy’s  first hit Gangnam Style by now; you may in fact recall that it was viewed so many times that it broke YouTube, at over 2 billion views. If you grasped the genius of that original hit, you might find it hard to believe that he could elevate the mastery. But he may have done so with “(I Got It From My) Daddy”, a clever reversal of’s  I Got It From My Mama  (further below) Judge for yourself:

But Wait! There’s More!

Also just released is Napal Baji or “Bell Bottoms”:

So WTF is CL of 2NE1?

You may be wondering what the “CL of 2NE1” means in the title of “Daddy”. No, it’s not a mailing address in Seattle; the song features CL, a solo artist and member of girl group 2NE1. In the world of K-Pop, NE1 is one the biggest but also perhaps least-inspired of artists – sort of like the K-Pop  answer to Spice Girls, TLC, or a churched-up Nicki Minaj. Here’s the least syrupy, cleverest tune of theirs that I’m aware of:’s Got It From My Mama

On the off-chance that you’re not familiar with the send up built into Psy’s new tune, here you go:

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