Welcome to Safetyville!

Probably the most brutal part of THIS clip is the way the friend steps over the dismembered limb to get on the train..

Probably the most brutal part of this particular clip is the way the
friend nonchalantly steps over the dismembered limb to get on the train..

Given that Los Angeles is one of the newer major US cities, and that in so many other ways, California has always been a “bellwether” state, I’ve always found it peculiar that the city has one of the nation’s more feeble transit systems. On the other hand, I guess the fact that the city’s major industry is entirely based on ego and frivolous displays of wealth should make it no surprise that the place is a horror show of highways and automotive anarchy. Since this same industry creates the vast majority of the world’s popular media, it should also come as no surprise that the Safety PSA’s created by the city’s under-developed transit system should rely on the time honored tools of brazen suggestions of death and dismemberment to get their message across. The real innovation here? They probably cut the ad budget by 98% with the choice to use Isotype People  instead of real sets, people, or even CG effects.

Welcome to Safetyville! Where safety begins with you!

Dismount or Dismembered?

Looks like Mikey won’t be showing off his new 360 kick flip!

Present or Pulverized?

Hey Joan! Instagram THIS, bitch!

Heads-up or Headless?

Jack, your coffee obsession will be the death of you!

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