Chuck’s Living Object Tinglers: Volume 6

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Chuck Tingle is a world-renowned master of the ‘tingler’; a story so sensual, so erotic, and so powerfully gay that it will change the whole way you look at erotic romance literature. Collected here are three such tales of the living object variety. Are you ready to depart on a depraved journey of gay lust that will tingle you to your very core? If so, than this explicit collection is for you. OPPRESSED IN THE BUTT BY MY INCLUSIVE HOLIDAY COFFEE CUPS Former preacher turned viral video sensation, Jabua Fogstein, lives for the holidays; the sights, the smells, and especially the tastes. In fact, he’s so excited to trying out his favorite coffee, Starbutts Christmas blend, that he camps out overnight for the introduction of their brand new red holiday cups. But when Jabua receives his coffee, he finds himself in a waking nightmare, discovering that the cups have been redesigned in sleek plain red without a trace of Christmas imagery. The shock causes Jabua to suffer a major heart attack and lands him in the hospital, but he’s about to receive some visitors that will open both his heart, and his butt. Soon enough, Jabua finds himself at the center of a hardcore gangbang with these handsome gay cups, and learns a little something about holiday spirit! MONDAY POUNDS ME IN THE BUTT When Wimbs stumbles into work Monday morning, hungover and three hours late, he’s expecting nothing less than immediate termination. But thanks to a miscommunication with his boss, Wimbs suddenly finds himself caught in a lie about a homosexual relationship with Monday itself. Luckily for Wimbs, Monday is ready and willing to play along with his lie, but soon the two of them are falling deeply in love. Eventually, their wild evening culminates in a hardcore pounding that could destroy the fabric of the universe itself. POUNDED IN THE BUTT BY MY BOOK “POUNDED IN THE BUTT BY MY BOOK ‘POUNDED IN THE BUTT BY MY OWN BUTT’” When a young, enthusiastic blogger flies to Billings, Montana in search of the mysterious Chuck Tingle, he has no idea that he will soon be wrapped up in the diplomatic conflict of a lifetime. Soon enough, the blogger has accepted his identity as a part of Chuck’s own mind, racing against time to stop a highly evolved species of the book Pounded In The Butt By My Book Pounded In The Butt By My Own Butt from destroying the Earth. But things get heated when the enemy paperback space captain, Mimmer Tops, reveals that his intensions are much more sensual than warlike, culminating in a gay anal pounding that will have your jaw on the floor.
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