The End of the Internet

Don't Panic

The End of the Internet isn’t what it used to be. Back in the day – and by “back in the day”, we mean before everybody on the planet had a blog and ten social media accounts – the idea of “the end of the internet” made possible a rather trite but cute joke, i.e.: that some web page existed that was literally the last page on the vast frontier that was the world wide web. Why, why, WHY could a link not be built into this page to push the internet a little further outward? No-one knew. Unfortunately, the joke spread, and as a sort of harbinger of the epic content heist that is today’s internet, the idea was copied repeatedly, with no-one even trying to evolve the joke a little. Further below is a quick round up of the top-ranked ends of the internet, which highlights the irony of it all: if it’s at the top of Google results, is it really “the end” of the internet? Sure. The top end.

So Where’s The Other End of Google?

No-one really knows. Here’s an interesting little secret: there aren’t as many pages of Google search results as you think there are, or, more importantly, as many as Google says there are. For instance, if you use “go to last page of google search results” as your search phrase, you’ll get something like this at the top of the page, suggesting there are X million results:

Google’s Not Telling

When you do that search, you’ll notice that at the bottom, there’s navigation to skip to additional results pages. But what if you want to get to the LAST page, the one that Google says lies thousands or millions of pages from where you are now? Well, if you used the search phrase we were suggesting as an example above, the first thing you may notice is that there’s no clear answer to the question, at least from a Google search. So what happens if you try the grueling process of clicking “Next” a million times? Don’t worry, you won’t have to. Google’s been bullshitting us all. Whether you find this out by cleverly modifying the URL in your address bar (like we did) or by actually clicking the link, you’ll be surprised to learn that no matter what you search, you’ll fairly quickly end up seeing this:


Yup. Google’s Yankin’ Yer Chain

Who knows why, and who cares? Eric Schmidt of Google says the internet will just disappear anyway, and if anybody can “disappear an internet”, it would be a douche like him.

Vintage End of the Internet Pages

This one best replicates the old school early versions, with its animated GIF joke:


This one’s moderately clever, but steals from the old javascript-powered talking server 404 gag:


This one at least demonstrates some effort. Click the button and some page tries to pop up, but is likely stymied by most people’s ad/popup blocker settings:


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